When I first started selling real estate I struggled like most everyone else. Nobody would list with me because I was new in the business. 
Then I had an idea. Why not offer sellers a more modern home selling process, a unique formula for selling their home that made the traditional process look outdated. KaBoom, I listed the next 10 homes in a row. 
Since then I’ve developed many home selling formulas. My 22-Step, 29-Day Home Launch Formula was even featured in Forbes. 
These home selling strategies not only helped me list virtually every home, they made it possible to craft a compelling marketing message that made the phone ring with sellers who were curious to learn more. 
Getting more listing appointments is the #1 problem most agents have, and marketing a new, better way to sell homes is the best door opener on earth. If you’d like samples of the advertising messages I use to make sellers call, email Jenn@RealEstateMavericks.com
Greg Hague
The Real Estate Maverick