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MARKET DOMINATION GAME PLAN Become Widely Known - Sell 50 Homes A Year

This is the most forward thinking coaching program on the planet. You will Identify, exploit and prosper from weaknesses in the traditional real estate model. You will revamp and modernize your marketing and home selling model. You will generate immediate and positive market recognition. You will quickly build a recognizable brand on a minimal budget. You will wake up more excited than your first day in real estate and revel as home sellers embrace your innovative, better approach to selling their home.

You will be excited to tell the world about your new better way, and stand up for something you believe. You will distinguish yourself from Realtors in your market like Apple, Amazon and Tesla stand out from their competitors

That’s what Maverick coaching is about. We transport you into the future of real estate… profitably.

Just A Few Of The Impactful Things You’ll Learn:

  • Learn to accomplish twice as much in half the time with “success compression.”
  • Learn to earn commissions from buyer transactions without ever showing a home.
  • Learn to generate listing appointments on a microscopic budget via Facebook.
  • Learn to leverage Linkedin to generate some of your best quality listing appointments.
  • Learn to develop a unique compelling message that quantifiably increases response rate.
  • Learn to convert FSBOs and Expireds to listing appointments with a talk track that works.
  • Learn to position yourself so that your lack of tenure works for, not against, you.
  • Learn to give a listing presentation that enables you to prevail over big name agents.
  • Get immediate access to our highly convertible, ready to use marketing materials.
  • Get immediate access to our graphic designers and professional writers at discounted rates.


  • The 4 Pillars Of Real Estate Marketing - Low cost ways to make a big impact quickly in your market.
  • LinkedIn For Realtors - How to make sellers want to list with you before they meet you, and how to generate quality listing leads.
  • The Perfect Listing Presentation - How to make home sellers choose you over big name agents, pay you higher commissions, price their home right, and refer business to you the rest of your life.
  • The 29 Day Fast Sale Plan - The #1 listing strategy course in the world. Featured in Forbes Magazine along with 500+ other publications. Hard core, actionable steps that show you exactly what you need to know to list a home a week. This is the revamped and updated version of what propelled Greg Hague to become the #1 agent in Arizona 7 years in a row, and Top 25 in the nation.
  • The 990 Opportunity - How to crush discount brokers/agents and still hold the line on your commission when sellers want you to take less. This is the program that enabled Greg Hague and a small team of agents to list 1000+ homes in only 18 months.


  • Rapid Fire Voxer Training - Greg himself will deliver one five-minute audio to you via Voxer, five days a week. These are actionable, no BS tips and techniques to help you get each day jump started correctly. It’s like having Greg in your pocket with you.
  • Weekly Live Tele-Coaching - Featuring high profile guests & topics relevant to you and your business.
  • Weekly Q&A Webinar - Ask Greg Hague your toughest real estate questions- Live! This is a no holds barred event that allows you to connect with Greg every single week for 60 minutes of no BS webinar excellence.
  • The Maverick Newsletter - Our action-packed newsletter features additional strategies used by our fleet of Maverick agents, samples of awesome marketing materials created by us and our customers, and a weekly training video just for you.
  • Personal Coaching - Two (2) hours a month of one-to-one personal coaching by one of our Maverick Master Coaches to help customize & personalize the strategy you need, for your specific situation.

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Courses Included:

  • The 4 Pillars Of Real Estate Marketing
  • LinkedIn For Realtors
  • The Perfect Listing Presentation
  • The 29 Day Fast Sale Plan
  • The 990 Opportunity


  • Rapid Fire Voxer Training
  • Weekly Live Tele-Coaching
  • Weekly Q&A Webinar
  • The Maverick Newsletter
  • Personal Coaching

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