Most agents market luxury homes like subdivision homes. Yard sign. MLS. Open houses. Brochures. Ads. Hope it sells. We call it “hope marketing.”

The photos may be prettier because the homes are nicer. The copy may be richer because the homes are more elegant. But the process is the same.

We discovered a smarter way to sell extra nice homes. It incorporates advanced marketing techniques pioneered by Apple, strategies that make home buyers stand in line and pay premium prices for new products.

When we incorporated Apple’s strategies into real estate, our luxury home firm skyrocketed in growth. Our sellers were so thrilled with the prices we quickly became #1 in Arizona and #26 in the nation.

The magic dust is a powerful new way to launch homes on the market. It leverages anticipation and suspense-building strategies that get buyers excited (and feeling special) before they set foot in your door. This formula is so effective it was featured in Forbes and over 300  publications worldwide.

This year, to celebrate my 50th year in real estate, I decided to offer a Luxury Home Expert designation to agents who complete a rigorous four-week luxury home selling course to learn this smarter way to sell more expensive homes.

Do yourself a favor. Talk with a Certified Luxury Home Expert before you list with an ordinary agent. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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Muhammad Ali

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Football Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz

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“Real estate expert Greg Hague’s advanced home selling formula nets 3-8 percent higher prices for homeowners.”
Yahoo! Finance

“Entrepreneur develops ‘Apple level’ advanced homeselling formula.”
Business Wire

“‬The energy, motivation, and commitment he puts into making us agents successful really shines through in all of his teachings. I’m fortunate to have met Greg!‬‬”
Mei Tan – Realtor, Fairfax Virginia Real Estate

“‬Greg is full of amazing proven ideas, techniques and processes! What a gift to learn from a legend!‬‬‬”
Dena Schlutz – Owner and Managing Broker, Estate Professionals

“‬Greg Hague is a great real estate coach, mentor and motivator which is what some of us need to get going or keep going at times.‬”
Todd Vaughns‬‬ – Realtor, Fairfax Realty

“‬He is not afraid to rock the boat and awaken people out of the commonplace in order to achieve the extraordinary.”
Steve Kosylo – Real Estate Broker Associate – Full Sail Realty Group NW – Skyline Properties, Inc.

“‬A true visionary in the real estate space, we highly recommend Greg Hague if you are looking to take your business to the next level.”
Stephen Garner – President at HUB Media Company

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Awni & Chantell Abbas – Awntel Property Advisors, Designated Broker

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Tina Barton – Owner/Realtor, Advanced Surface Solutions LLC

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