Who are the Real Estate Mavericks?

At Real Estate Mavericks we are not your typical coaching company. We believe traditional methods like cold calling, door knocking, mailers, “I’m wonderful” advertising, and low-tech marketing are superficial, widely resented, and completely ineffective in today’s marketplace. Look around. It’s obvious. An array of fast growing, deeply funded real estate firms like Redfin are capturing market share from traditional giants like Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams and RE/Max. The old ways are being displaced by tradition-smashing business models that integrate cost savings, time efficiencies, commission options, Apple-advanced home selling processes and high tech online marketing. That’s what we teach you to do.

In less than a year, our strategies have been featured in over 300 of the most respected publications in the world including Forbes, Huffington Post and U.S. News & World Report. Our coaching clients are among the most successful real estate agents in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

By choosing Real Estate Mavericks as your coaching partner, you will be joining the most exciting, emergent, and entertaining group of real estate professionals in the industry. If you’re ready to wake up more excited than ever, give your business an instant kick in the butt, and have a blast doing it, read below to meet the team that’s not only committed, but has the capability to make it happen for you.

GREG HAGUE The Maverick

Some babies are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was born with a real estate sign in my crib.

My father inspired my lifelong journey in real estate, a wonderful, chapter-rich collage of excitement, risk, wins, losses, adventure and purpose, founded on and funded by knowing how to list and sell real estate creatively. I emphasize “creatively” because that was the key to my success, as it was with my dad.

Dad started with no money, no education and no connections. Through unstoppable determination and inspired creativity, my father built a real estate powerhouse with 11 offices and 300 of the best-trained agents in Cincinnati. Dad was the consummate expert at taking the real estate old guard off guard… profitably.

Dad inspired the maverick in me. I watched him succeed against the odds by leveraging creativity. That’s what I teach. That’s who I am. It’s given me the life many dream, but most never achieve. My singular mission is to do for you what my dad did for me.

ROSEANN HAGUE Tornado Wrangler

Growing up, my family moved to a new city every summer. No, we weren’t in the Witness Protection Program, my dad “fixed” ailing companies. I learned a lot from all those moves, such as the confidence to make new friends each year.

I hit the lottery when Greg Hague hired me right out of college, learning “the business” from his unique perspective. We’ve worked together almost our entire lives, selling real estate and building businesses. He is the brilliant idea guy (a human tornado). I’ve run alongside, pulling it all together.

Greg has inspired me to LIVE LARGE, traveling to 26 countries, motorcycling Africa and landing our plane on remote Mexican beaches, things a little girl from Forest Park, Ohio never even imagined.

I love our wild and crazy family, two dogs, cooking, entertaining, family dinners and our friends. I’m a writer, and passionate fundraiser for a charity for abused and neglected children.

BRIAN HAGUE Superman’s Twin

Hello there! My name is Brian Hague and I am one of the coaches on staff here at Real Estate Mavericks. I sold residential real estate for ten years, but my educational background is in creative writing (Bachelor’s Degree at Arizona State University) and human relations (Masters in Psychology at University of Phoenix. As a result, I feel I bring a different perspective to my role as a coach. I urge my agents to “begin within” as we embark on this journey together. After all, it’s not about what you do, it’s about WHY you do it.

On a personal note…I now reside in beautiful San Diego and enjoy playing guitar, hiking, and spending time with my amazing girlfriend, Erin. I also love surfing, so someday I hope to make it down to Costa Rica.

MANDY WAXMAN Princess of Pennies

One could say that real estate is in my blood! I have been in the real estate industry since I graduated high school and began working for my grandmother’s real estate office in Paradise Valley, Arizona. I’ve been licensed as a real estate salesperson for almost twenty years now, and I am thrilled to have worked with many of the highest producing agents in the state. I bring all the real estate and business knowledge that I have gained working with the best of the best to my latest role as an executive assistant and accounting geek for Real Estate Mavericks. I absolutely love being a part of the Maverick team, helping my fellow real estate agents live the lives they have always dreamed.

When I’m not assisting real estate coach and pioneer, Greg Hague, in changing the way homes are sold, you can find me hiking in the desert with my three sons and our two dogs, or enjoying a glass of fine wine with my sexy husband.

JENN FRIES East Coast Hero

It has been an absolute privilege to coach Fairfax Realty Maverick agents for the past year. Having the opportunity to help them reach a level of success they’ve never dreamed of achieving truly makes my day! It’s an honor to be a part of their real estate journey.

When I’m not coaching agents, I enjoy spending every moment with my sweet family! Being a wife and mom is the greatest blessings I’ve ever experienced. I love traveling, exploring new countries, and serving others in need at every opportunity.

In the rare chance I get to relax, I’m off to the nearest beach! A good cup of local coffee, Wuthering Heights, and the sound of the ocean waves is my heaven on earth!

JOE CHANG The Dude of Technology

For most of my life I have been known as the “Joe of All Trades.” I am the kind of guy you want to have over to fix your complex networking issues, and then make you a four star dinner afterward.

In the professional world I am both a designer and a developer, which allows me to create high end digital content. At Real Estate Mavericks I am able to utilize my skill sets to help bring graphic & web design to life. I work closely with the core team to develop concepts and ideas that deliver the results our customers want.

I love to hang out with my wife and kids. My ultimate goal is to one day take my family on a road trip vacation to “Wally World,” but I’ve got a feeling it might be closed.