Next Week’s Live
Tele-Coaching Session
RapidFire Books
with Greg Hague
Several years ago Greg Hague made a study of seventeen of the best business books, extracting three important takeaways from each. He recorded a two-minute audio for each book.  In this week’s Live Tele-Coaching Session Greg will rapid-fire deliver his best of the best, concepts important to you as you manage your own entrepreneurial real estate business.

As a bonus for our Maverick Agents, a seventeen-week subscription to RapidFire Books is yours at no charge, with our compliments.

When:   Thursday, May 12th at 9:00 a.m (PDT)
Dial:      (712) 775-7031
Code:    904-920#

Harnessing Time
Manage Your Time
To Reduce Stress and
Boost Your Bottom Line
As real estate agents, we sell our time and expertise. Since there is a finite number of minutes and hours in each day, how we choose to spend our time greatly determines our bottom line.
Amazon offers an astonishing 6,248 books on time management. To save you valuable time, Maverick Agent Steve Kosylo of Tacoma, Washington has vetted a number of the best books on the subject and recommends these three.
  • No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Time Productivity and Sanity by Dan Kennedy
  • 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management: The Productivity Habits of 7 Millionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 29 Straight-A Students and 239 Entrepreneurs by Kevin Kruse
  • Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity by David Allan

Best of all, these are available on audio, so you can save time and listen while you drive, brush your teeth, work out or wait in the carpool lane.

Last Week’s Live
Tele-Coaching Session


Business Super-Strategy Coach
Dave McLurg
Companies across the country pay thousands to learn from last week’s guest, top venture capital and private equity business strategy coach, Dave McLurg.
Whether you sell alone, lead a team or have your own real estate firm, Dave will teach you the latest tips and techniques to ensure clarity of purpose, craft a key message to differentiate yourself from the competition, how to advance that strategy, and achieve operational excellence through efficient execution.
You can listen to Greg’s interview with Dave here.
Featured Agents
Emmett Dingley & Mariel Haig
Washington, D.C.
Congratulations to the Emmett & Mariel SELL team! This savvy duo has skillfully incorporated our Maverick strategies into a finely honed listing presentation and are reaping the rewards.
Emmett shared that the 990 Opportunity is just what home sellers in his market are looking for. He and his partner, Mariel, made this the centerpiece of their listing presentation and then polished it with tips and techniques they picked up from ourPerfect Listing Presentation and 4 Pillars of Marketing courses, including a personal brochure to introduce themselves and a clever pre-listing gift (both are dropped off to sellers before a listing appointment).
This dynamic duo recently closed their first two 990 listings. Both sold quickly and above list price, with the happy sellers paying full percentage commissions. They are working to find a buyer for their third 990 listing now.
Emmett and Mariel, we salute the Maverick in you!
Quick Video
Brendon Burchard
Follow The Trucks 


With 4,000,000 Facebook Likes, Brendon Burchard has become one of the top personal development trainers in the world. In this video Greg interviews  Brendon and asks how you can become great starring in your own videos.

“Brendon is the real deal, teaching success strategies that are practical, understandable and implementable. I consider him today’s Dale Carnegie,” said Greg.

“I had the great pleasure to interview Brendon last Monday. My first question was how he produces such amazing personal video. He commented that at first, ‘Greg, I sucked at video.’ Then he explained how he went from awful to superb, starting with pacing his living room floor. Brendon’s answers are riveting and totally fun. 

“Pay attention because, whatever your business, video is your most powerful way to attract new customers and retain the customers you have. I promise you will enjoy these six minutes.”

Show & Tell
From Our Maverick Agents
LinkedIn Profile Sightings
These are just a few of the Maverick Agents making great use of Maverick strategies to differentiate themselves in their LinkedIn profiles.
BTW, our official survey results confirm that Maverick Agents are not only forward thinking, market-leading trailblazers, they’re also “lookers.” See for yourself!